Work from

…virtually anywhere


Our virtual office packages allow you to work virtually anywhere! A virtual office is a great way to create a professional presence at a low cost. Our packages provide you with the ultimate flexibility at a fraction of a cost of full-time office.


A virtual office is a combination of a mailing address and telephone number that act as a business presence. Mail or calls received at the virtual office can either be stored there or forwarded. Meeting facilities at the address are available.

Instead of increasing overhead and expenses, a virtual office saves money and lets you concentrate on growing your business.  A virtual office can provide a month-to-month or long-term presence. Customers and clients will contact and work with a virtual office the same way they would with a physical one.

Mail or parcels received at the address of the virtual office are stored privately until you come and pick it up. For a modest additional fee, we can forward your mail to you, or you can designate someone to retrieve it for you.

Yes! We have a fully furnished meeting rooms that you can rent by the hour.