Virtual Office Pricing


Our virtual office packages allows you to work virtually anywhere!  A virtual office is a great way to create a professional presence at a low cost.  Our packages provide you with the ultimate flexibility at a fraction of a cost of full time office.  A friendly and professional receptionist will answer your calls in your company’s name, manage your mail and messages, and assist you with all of your administrative needs.  We can also  receive and forward your corespondents to your address of choice.

Pioneer Office Suites – Virtual Office Package Pricing


Reasons to Choose a Virtual Office

Maintaining a traditional office space can be a great expense for a struggling small business owner.  Utility bills, office supplies and electronics can put a severe strain on your overall bottom line.  In the fast paced, web based world that we live in, there is a solution that can save you a lot of money and stress.   The virtual office is a cost effective way to keep your business running efficiently, with far less overhead.


Your Address
Having a professional business mailing address is a very important selling point to both potential clients and vendors.   Most companies that offer virtual office services will also offer a mailing service that allows you to forward all of your business mail to a business address.  This allows you to keep that heir of professionalism that only a reputable mailing address can provide.


Receptionist Services
Being able to have a professional receptionist to answer all of your important business calls can be a very valuable asset.  Most companies that offer virtual office services, will also offer a professional receptionist at a small additional cost.  These receptionists will answer the phone with your business name on their lips, which will provide you customers with a personalized phone experience.  By utilizing these receptionist services, you can ensure that you will never miss an important business call again.

Pioneer Office Suites – Virtual Receptionist Packages


Meeting Rooms
Having a physical meeting room to use at your disposal and help you to plan important meetings with clients.  Most virtual office services have state of the art meeting rooms that you will be able to use anytime you need them.  Being able to take your client into a professional meeting room, will really give you the look of professionalism that is so important in any business.  The benefits of a virtual office can be yours for a reasonable fee, which means you can add more money to your bottom line.  There are many different companies that offer these services, so be sure to shop around and find the best fit for your company.

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