Helpful Tips on Saving Money on Conference Facilities

Being the planner of a business conference can come with its own unique challenges and worries. Most of the stress will be due to the overall financial stress of putting on one of these events. There are many different things you can do to cut corners and save money on your event. Here are a few tips on how to save money on your event at conference facilities.


One of the biggest stresses on your overall budget will be the food and catering costs for your event. If the conference facilities that you choose do not have catering facilities, such as a kitchen, then your cost will increase greatly. If you have to hire a caterer to bring all of the necessary trays and warmers, this will make the price much greater than it would be if you had the proper equipment at the facility. Before choosing a conference facility, be sure to verify that they have all of the equipment necessary to keep your food costs down. Some facilities will have an in house caterer, which can save you even more money. The in house caterer already has all of the necessary equipment on site, so they are naturally cheaper than someone who has to bring in their own equipment.


One of the first things you should determine when planning is the exclusivity that the crowd at your event has to have. Many high powered executives and titans of industry will require a certain level of anonymity during the proceedings, so plan for this. If your conference is for lower level employees, going to a restraint for your meal is possible and much cheaper than catering a meal. Many restaurants will reserve special areas for a larger crowd, which could help with the privacy element of your guests.

If you do have to cater your meal for the conference, be sure to determine what type of meal you will be having far in advance. Ultimately the decision of what type of meal to serve hinges on the type of guests you will entertain at the conference. Be sure to lay out many different options to try and appeal to the different tastes of your guests.

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