Office Rentals – Renting Office Space in Rockville

Office space plays a very important role in the smooth operation of a business.  Many business owners are not quite aware how important it is for instance, potential clients can go to your competitor just because of the appearance of your office. Your office does indeed determine whether you will be successful or not. If you feel that your current office is not giving you maximum return on investment, then it is time you moved to better office space.

To make sure you do not end up in an office similar to the one you have just left behind, I have prepared a few tips to guide you in the searching process:

Ample Space 

When searching for space consider your needs, size of the staff and where you are likely to be  in the near future – in terms of growth. You do not want to start moving again after a few months because you have already outgrown your new office.  While you want your office to be big enough, premises that are too large can make it look as if part of your furniture was repossessed.


Your current clients are your first priority. Move too far away and you might lose them. Next consider your staff and yourself. You should be able to commute to and from work comfortably.


Is the neighborhood a secure location for business? Try to find out its reputation before signing any documents. A good reputation and an equally nice building will go a long way in impressing your clients.


After making your future plans and drawing a budget, decide whether you want to lease or buy. If you decide to lease, find out the terms for renewal. It is also good to clarify the entire lease contract with the owner so that you are not slapped with hidden charges afterwards.

Office Agent 

If you are completely new to the area, or if you do not understand the office demographics, then find a reputable office agent. He/she can give you an insider’s view and even assist you with the negotiations.

Be wary of under-estimate the value of good office space settling for any space due to convenience to yourself may harm your company’s reputation.

At Pioneer Office Suites we understand the value of good office space. And that is why we go to great lengths to provide you with the best office space.  Visit our Office Space Rental Page for more details


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